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Artist Profile

I am Lisa K. Hyatt, a graphic designer specializing in creating promotional material and producing educational graphics. I am also a highly skilled and versatile photographer with a passion for the editing process. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, I now reside in Saint Paul, Minnesota. When I moved here, I fell in love with the state’s diverse wildlife and vibrant communities, which you can see reflected in my work.

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I am skilled in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, along with Excel. Additionally, I have experience in creating promotional campaigns, social media marketing, and community outreach.


My focus for my Associates Degree was graphic design and photography. Later, I went back to school to get my Bachelor of Arts in biology. I feel fortunate to have two passions and my favorite projects combine my two loves: art and science.

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My Inspirations

Special thanks to my parents for recognizing and fostering my budding talent as a toddler by giving me my first easel with real paints. Ever since, I have been creating in some form my entire life. I find inspiration from the natural environment, from Fibonacci sequences to a gorgeous sunset, all elements of great design are found in nature. 

One of my earliest influences was my private art teacher, Billie Page, who not only trained me in the technical skills of painting and illustration, but also taught me with her motto: “There are no mistakes, only new avenues to take”, which is especially important when working in watercolor. Life is all about the journey, not the destination. However, I still meet my deadlines! 

Pricing & Process

Due to the high number of variables for any project, I offer custom quotes after an initial interview with the client. Afterwards, I provide you a written proposal that contains all details of the job with deadlines included. We both sign a contract to ensure that expectations are clear for all parties.


I take pride in providing professional quality work while meeting deadlines. With a high level of intercultural competence, I am skilled at communicating across widely diverse communities. With over 17 years’ experience as a manager, I have the organizational and people skills to get the job done. Whatever your project, reach out and discover what I can do for you!

Graphic Design

Early in my training, it became clear that I have an eye for design. This skill has led me to unexpected places, including designing and implementing exhibit lighting for the Smithsonian Museum of American History. I authored and illustrated 23 dissection manuals currently marketed nationwide and used in college-level biology classes. I currently utilize my design skills to bring my client’s vision into reality, whether it is a promotional flyer, a trifold brochure, an original logo, or a monthly newsletter. If you can dream it, I can create it!



My photography journey started when my father trusted me at 8 years old to use his fancy 35 mm Argus camera. Seeing the world through the lens shows me that there is truly beauty everywhere! This can be applied to commercial and product photography. My passion is nature photography, with images available for purchase. As an aficionado of Latin dance and a member of Diversity Street Dancers, my other passion is capturing the joy of movement in dance. My goal, in any photo shoot, is to bring forth the inner spirit of my subject. Allow me to capture your beauty in portraits, special events, and more!

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